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A new mouse pad design from Func Industries!
This product is a single-sided, thin CLOTH mousing surface utilizing a completely new surface texture. This product has a unique graphic design and comes in four color, high-gloss tube packaging.

The Classic Cloth - Large size of the mouse pad is 356mm x 280mm.
The Classic Cloth - Extra Large size of the mouse pad is 450mm x 380mm.

C-L-L similar to the C-X-L but a smaller version.

Classic Cloth - Large C-L-L-Blue $14.99 USD
C-L-L-Black $14.99 USD
Classic Cloth - Extra Large C-X-L-Blue $18.99 USD 


$18.99 USD 



U-Series Performance Mousing Surfaces are ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight single-sided mouse pads constructed of high-quality polycarbonate with exceptional and consistent tracking qualities.

Do you own a latop? Do you travel a lot? Do you find the built in mouse pad fiddly and awkward to use then FUnc Industries has the perfect solution. How about a mouse pad that is ultra thin, ultra portable, ultra light and best of all ultra precise? The U-Series is the ultimate companion for any laptop computer. Simply put the pad in position and instantly you have a rock steady precision mouse pad ready to use with your plug in mouse. With a choice of two different surfaces the U-Series is available in either the U10 fine surface or the slightly rougher U30 texture. Don't just take our word for it, try a U-Series today and find out for yourself how it will become an essential tool not to leave at home! .

U10. Smooth $12.99 USD
U30. Rough $12.98 USD  


F-Series NEW SIZE!
Func Industries F-Series Competition Mousing sUrfaces are single-sided, large format mouse pads constructed of high quality polycarbonate with exceptional and consistent tracking qualities. The mousing surface incorporates a specially selected, low profile, textured synthetic rubber that exhibits exceptional traction characteristics on a desktop.

F-Series Competition Mousing sUrfaces are available in either of the two surface textures that were popularized by the award-winning, double-sided sUrface1030. These two textures are the 10.S (commonly referred to as smooth) and the 30.R (commonly referred to as rough).

LARGE               14" x 11" Smooth or Rough $17.99 USD  (With mouse cord clip)
EXTRA LARGE  17" x 11" Smooth or Rough $19.99 USD (With mouse cord clip)

MEDIUM F10 Smooth $12.99 USD   (No mouse cord clip)              
MEDIUM F30 Rough $12.98 USD    (No mouse cord clip) 


sUrface1030 Archetype

Archetype /'är-ki-"tIp/ - 1. (noun) the original type or model, after which all other similar and subsequent things are merely patterned, copied, or emulated.

The sUrface1030 Archetype is the latest in the double-sided line of products from Func Industries. Based on the original sUrface1030 design it has a number of key improvements, including a larger surface area, a sleek soft-feel hard base, an improved cord clip, and feet that provide exceptional traction to the desktop.

With a unique new shape and the same precision and accuracy that has come to be expected from Func Industries, the sUrface1030 Archetype is the perfect product for the hardcore gamer and professional computer user alike.

Suede-Feel Hard Plastic Base $24.99 USD

Machine Billet Aluminum $39.99 USD



Your mousing surface plays an integral role in providing effective communication with your computer. Whether your focus is gaming, graphical, or other professional applications, the surface that you mouse on must be consistent and provide precise tracking ability.

The patent pending double sided surface of the fUnc sUrface1030 provides precision and accuracy appropriate for people who work and play hard. Using only the highest quality components, fUnc has designed the sUrface1030 mousing solution to be the last mouse "pad" you ever need to buy.

Black Base with Black Surface $16.99 USD

Orange Base with Blue Surface $16.99 USD


Anti-Friction Liquid

LIQUID is a water based, non-toxic, anti-friction treatment that has no wax or petroleum products in it. It is a silicon emulsion made with only top quality materials.

Unlike other waxes and treatments, LIQUID leaves no greasy residue. LIQUID is designed for use with both Optical and ball mice. It works best on hard "fine cell" gaming surfaces (such as the Surface1030 Competition Mousing Surface), but has been found to provide benefits on hard desk pads, desktops and even some brands of cloth pads.

Hard mousing surfaces have texture that help to reduce the drag between your mouse feet and your mousing surface. LIQUID reduces friction even more by creating a micro fine layer that is very slick. This micro layer helps to protect your gaming hardware from wearing down too quickly, and can help restore the life of worn-out gaming pads with just one coat. Once LIQUID is dry it won't peel, crack, or chip. And unlike typical Teflon tape applications; there are no uneven or creased areas to get in the way of smooth mouse operation.

Liquid $9.99 USD



Running your beloved mousepad to the ground? Renew any of the func's award winning mousepad here with new mouseclips, base, feet etc.