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(For TigerWood 2008)

The ultimate smart golf club for PC to let you play golf like you want to - with a club, not a mouse.

Now compatible with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 from EA Sports. With superb graphics and sounds, real courses and challenging game play. Better your golf game now.

One hole and you'll be hooked! Buy Now!

Tiger Woods 2008 Kerri Anne Laser Golf playing Tiger Woods PGA golf Kerri Anne Laser Golf playing Tiger Woods PGA golf

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 by EA Sports

Our latest version of the LaserGolf driver works seamlessly with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2008, don't bring the mouse to the golf course !

This version lets you play all the different shot types such as draw, fade, hook and slice and is fully configurable to your own feel.

Rainy Days?

- Easy Plug-and-Play!

- 5 Minutes Set-Up

- Entertain your guests with a friendly golf game indoor

- Play golf on rainy days!

- As real as it gets

Technical Specification

Download LaserGolf Design Details

Plug LASERGOLF's USB easily to your laptop, and start playing in minutes. For more impressive experience, use DUAL screen function, and hook your laptop up to a projector or LCD screen. (As real as it gets, LCD screen with the golf game, then Laptop screen to view your stroke details and analysis)
To Set-Up Dual Screen Function:
1) Display Properties and setup the second monitor to "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor".
 2) Move the LGDriver software across to the second monitor. Run PGA08 on the first  monitor.
 3) If you want to get really fancy and use a large LCD TV screen to run the PGA08 game for demonstration, you should find an option under "Advanced". This will be different from different manufacturers but a very common option. This example is from an ATI mobility radeon graphics card.
As shown below select the second monitor as the first
Final Setup!

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