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What is LaserGolf
  What is Lasergolf?
Lasergolf golfer setup
  Lasergolf is a software game designed for a PC running the Windows operating system (it doesn't currently run on Apple Mac or any other computer or games console). It is played not by moving the computer mouse but with a specially-designed Laserclub which comes with the game.

This means that you can really feel like you're playing a game of golf - the way you 'hit' the ball determines closely how the ball flies on the PC or TV screen. It also means that playing Lasergolf takes some skill, and rewards practise. You can get better (or worse!) at the game.

But Lasergolf is not like commercial golf simulators. You don't actually hit anything (hopefully!) and you don't use a real golf club. The Laserclub is deliberately designed to be short enough for someone of average height to swing it comfortably in a living room or office, and it works by shining a beam of light over a 'Tee' base unit, which you connect to your PC.

This Tee base uses light sensors to pick up the direction of your swing as well as the speed and path of the golf club head. This data is sent to the PC and the Lasergolf program uses it to show a real golfer taking the shot on a golf course - complete with sound effects and a commentary, and with realistic graphics showing the ball's flight in 3D.

Lasergolf is the complete game - you can elect to play different types of competition, including Matchplay and Strokeplay, and you play a variety of courses and all the shots, including the putting on the greens. You can play alone or with up to 8 players in a competition.



Lasergolf is a game

Lasergolf is designed to be a competitive game played for fun and a professional tool in learning the elements of golf and how to swing a golf club consistently, it is best used under the supervision of a professional golfing coach but it is not designed as a professional aid to improving your ability by itself.

Players need to be of average height

The Laserclub head needs to be about 20cm (16") from the Tee base for the optimum club head image. Players below about 150cm (5ft) or above 200cm (6ft 6in) will find it awkward to play.

Not a toy

Lasergolf is not meant to be played by children without adult supervision. Young children will be too short to hold and swing the Laserclub comfortably and will not be able to hold the Laserclub far enough away from the Tee base to provide a good club head image.

Although the Laserclub head is moulded from a rubber-like plastic it could damage glass and other objects if it is allowed to strike them.

Tighten the wrist safety strap firmly at all times when taking a swing, and make sure you clear the area!

For PCs with graphics cards

Lasergolf runs only on a PC - not a Mac or Playstation or any other games console.

Also the PC must be running the Microsoft Windows operating system - Windows95 (with USB support), 98, ME, 2000, NT, or XP - with DirectX 8 or above (Microsoft software for graphics).

And you must have a graphics card in your PC with at least 16Mb of RAM (memory) and preferably 32Mb or more…

- and a sound card or on-board sound to hear the sound effects and commentary.

Ambient light

Certain fluorescent lights can affect the sensors in the Tee base. In particular the higher-frequency fluorescents used in TV studios. Generally, try to play Lasergolf in low-light conditions so that you can comfortably see the Laserclub beam.